Duty Manager Job Vacancy at Dnata

dnata Zanzibar

About the job

The selected person will be responsible for planning, directing and controlling all departmental activities (includes Ramp Services, Load Control, Baggage Handling, Cargo Handling and Customer Services) on shift. This person will also a ct as point of contact and plan the availability of resources/equipment ensuring consistency, safe on-time performance and alignment with SLAs, standard operating procedures, shift demand and regulatory, legal and safety requirements.


Plans and ensures implementation of relevant contingency and service recovery plans in case of operational disruptions.
Anticipates challenges during the shift such as system outages, facility closures, special movements, weather and prioritises activities accordingly.
Works with the departments’ supervisors to plan and control manpower resources on shift to optimise utilisation and save costs.
Ensures compliance with safety and service standards.
Reviews the flight schedule and ensures that the resource plan is aligned to the work demand.
Health and safety responsibilities.


Ensures the safety of staff and that they are suitably equipped with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to work safely.
Provides support and ensures safety-related events are logged in ‘Safety Hub’ , in line with the Corporate Safety Management System (SMS).
Ensures the optimization of resources on shift.
Develops relationships with stakeholders to ensure that customer’s requirements are met, and in compliance with all regulatory, safety and legal requirements.
Monitors any additional services provided to the airline and ensures extra services are captured for billing (including signatures).
Communicates an on-shift summary highlighting key issues, resolutions and recommendations for improvement.

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Duty Manager Job Vacancy at Dnata

Conducts spot-checks and observations to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to dGOM standards and processes.
Understands and resolves any issues on shift to ensure safe on-time performance and a smooth flow of operations in line with the SLAs and Regulatory requirements.
Investigates operational issues, safety incidents and complaints, initiating and escalating to Line Management as required.
For any planned / unplanned systems failures, takes the lead in ensuring contingency plans are executed or initiated and recovery plans are communicated to Stakeholders as required.
Responsible for the health and safety duty of care at the workplace.
Ensure to report any hazards, injuries, ill-health or near miss to your supervisor or employer.
Cooperate with your employer when they require something to be done for health and safety at the workplace.

Qualifications & Experience

Minimum 5 years of experience in Airport Operations and 1-3 years of which in a supervisory/management role
Proficient knowledge in Airport Operations
Advanced IT and Computer Literacy Skills

How to Apply :

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