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Ngara District is one of the eight districts of the Kagera Region of Tanzania

Read here information about 3 Job Vacancies at Ngara District Council / LADP

The  Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric project (RRFHP) is one of the priority regional projects in the Nile countries and aims at development of low – cost power generation and regional electricity trade as a means to improve productivity  Promote Economic Growth  in the region. The Proposed project consists of construction of (i) a run – of – river hydropower facility with an installed capacity of 80 MW to be equal shared between the three shareholder countries of Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. The power plant and associated hydraulic infrastructure will be situated at  the Rusumo, where the Kagera River forms the boundary between Tanzania and Rwanda, and ii transmission facilities connecting the power plant to the national grids of Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

The Local Area Development Plan (LADP), is a benefit sharing program designed to enhance regional economic and social development in the project area. The LADP project area includes Ngara District in Tanzania, Kirehe and Ngoma District in Rwanda and communes of Giteranyi (Muyinga Province) and Busoni (Kirundo Province) in Burundi.

The Ngara District Executive Director is announcing the following vacancies under LADP Tanzania to be filled soon by competent Tanzania.

  1. 1. Postion: (1) LADP Tanzania Coordinator

1.1    Objectives

These Terms of Reference (ToRs) related to the position of LADP Coordinator, to support the day to day activities related to the implementation of Local Area Development Plan (LADP) in Ngara District, Tanzania. The officer to be recruited will work in Ngara District under supervision of the Ngara  Executive Director with support of technical, financial, procurements and safeguard as per World Bank guidelines and policies requirement.

1.2 Scope of Work

Providing technical support to achieve the targets and outputs for the timely implementation of the LADP in Tanzania.

Specific tasks includes, but are not limited to:

  1. Participate in the general planning processes for the execution of the tasks related to LADP implementation.
  2. Liaise and  coordinate  with  district  authorities  and  particularly  the  LADP steering Communities and formed LADP team to  ensure that good practice of LADP implementation is adhered to, including that LADP   investment is oriented to identify priorities and contribute to achieve its objectives of livelihoods improvement in the project area as per prepared standard Operation Procedures.

iii.      Reach  out  and  coordinate  LADP  activities  with  key  stakeholders  the communities, district leadership and other relevant government bodies. (Associations, cooperatives, community based organizations. NGO, etc) to enhance the LADP investment.

  1. iv. Ensure regular  Monitoring,  Evaluation  on  quarterly  basis  and  reporting weekly, monthly and quarterly of the LADP implementation progress at the District and NELSAP
  2. Any other task as may be assigned

1.3 Reporting

The officers shall work under the supervisor of District Executive Director and reporting to LADP investments progress to NELSAP PIU. Lead Environment and social  safeguards  specialist  as  per  signed  MoU.  The  officers  shall  be  located specically in Ngara for Tanzania.

On an an output basis, the officer will be expected to submit: (i) a brief narrative/monthly report (maximum of 10 pages), outlining the work accomplished in delivering the specific monthly output; (ii) an outline of the work expected to be completed for the next deliverable/ month; (iii) comments   or recommendation relating to monitoring reports and progress of the implementation of LADP activities.

1.4 Duration and Nature of Appointment

The appointment of the Officer will be for an initial period of 06 months with a probation period of 3 months, commencing July, 2024 and a probable extension subject to satisfactory performance and availability of fund. The staff will travel

within the project area. Remuneration is negotiable.

1.5 Qualifications

  1. A bachelor’s Degree in sociology, Development studies, Social anthropology community Development, or related field.
  2. Expertise in the development and use of participatory approaches at all levels (nation and community), preferably in complex projects i.e infrastructures with tangibles positive impact on project implementation.

iii.    Excellent consensus – building, multi- cultural, and inter – personal skills.

Strong team building and mentoring capabilities. Knowledge and skills in the use of consensus building tools will be an asset.

  1. iv. Must  be  fluent  knowledge  in  the  Tanzania  administrative  setting  and hierarchy in addition to having a deep understanding of the cultures, livelihoods strategies of the communities that will be converted by the LADP activities.
  2. Good computing skills including knowledge of software package for word processing, database,  and  spredsheets,Familiarity  with  modern communication system (such as internet, worldwide web, email, etc.
  3. vi. Experience working within international and donor organization contexts and especially familiarity with the policies, procedures and practices of major bilateral and multilateral development agencies is an advantage.

vii.    Also  experience  on  management  of  environment  and  social  in  the construction infrastructures projects will be an added advantage

viii.    Willing to work and reside within the project area, as work demands.

  1. 2. Position: (1) LADP Ngara Procurement Officer

2.1 Accountability and Reporting

The procurement Officer will report and be accountable to the LADP Coordinator Ngara, Tanzania in a formal and schedule as required.

2.2 Scope

The functions and responsibilities includes, but are not limited to;

  1. 1. Ensure the implementation of all procurement privisions in memorandum of

Understanding (MoUs);

  1. 2. Prepare and regularly update the project procurement plan in liaison with the component
  2. 3. Manage the tendering processes by providing advice  regarding preparation and verification of tender document, adherence to donor procurement and financial regulations,  timely  preparation  of  all  required  communications,finalization  of contract and ensure proper filling, maintenance and protection of documents and best practice.
  1. 4. Develop and oversee the implementation of guidelines for the management and administration of the procurement process including the development of specification/Terms of Reference (ToRs), the set – up of evaluation committee and evaluation, the documentation and filing at all stages of the procurement cycle; preparation of bidding document, pre qualification of bidders, notification and advertising, bid opening and evaluation, award of contract, reviewing claims and review of payment Certificates.
  1. 5. Develop and oversee the implementation of guidelines for the supervision, management and monitoring   contracts for   goods ,work or services at component level including the receipts , review and the clearance of payments.
  2. 6. Manage and administer the selection of consultants under the project including initiating the setup of evaluation of committee  and managing all stage  of the procurement  cycle;  shortlisting  of  consultants,  preparation  of  request  for proposals, evaluation of technical and financial proposal, preparation of draft contracts, supervision of consultancy contracts, reviewing claims and certification consultants, invoice after the  technical sector specialists  have  approved the consultant’s report;
  1. 7. Liaise with NELSAP/PIU  to seek  and obtain  approval for key  stages  in  the procurement Cycle.
  2. 8. Prepare all procurement reports regularly and timely in line with the MoU And Any Other Project requirements.
  1. 9. Develop and oversee the implementation of documents and best practice;
  2. 10. Any other duties as may be assigned by management

2:3 Qualifications and Experience

–     At least Bachelor degree in procurement, Business Administration, Civil Engineer or similar qualification.

–     At least five years of experience in the field procurement;

–     Demonstrable experience in a business environment in procurement services in either public or private sector, Experience gained in organization with a region dimension is an added advantage.

–     Have a strong ability to work in a team environment with a results – based orientation and to bring tasks to completion under tight dialing

–     Has demonstration ability to follow Word Bank Procurement procedures or other multilateral donor.

–     Knowledge of MS Officer Software, MS Project, windows etc.

–     Fluency in English, Working knowledge of French is an advantage.

–     Knowledge of National Public Procurement procedures is an Advantage.

N.B it’s recommended to attach copies of certificate, degree and proof of

their professional experience.

2.4. Duty Station

The procurement Officer will be based at Ngara District Head Office.

2.5 Employee’s appointment will be on period of 06 months. The contract may be extended based on satisfactory performance, availability of funds and need for services Remuneration is negotiable.

  1. 3. Position: (1) LADP Environmental Expert

3.1 Objectives  of this Assignment

The objective of the ToRs is to hire Environmental Expert who will responsible for supervision and support of day to day activities related to the implementation of Local Area Development projects in the Ngara District, Tanzania. The position will be at national level and the Environment Experts will be working in LADP Project of Ngara District, Tanzania.

The successful candidates will a   Supervise the environmental, health and safety issues and due diligence by the contractors  and contract compliance of contractors on safeguard issues during implementation of LADP projects.

Support the District and communes to ensure monitoring and implementation of World Bank environmental and social safeguard policies based on the approved ESMPs by the Bank.

3.2 Scope of Work

The environmental Expert will have the following responsibilities:-

Participation  in  the  preparation  and  review  of  environmental  and  social safeguards documents including the ESIA,s and ESMPs for LADP Projects

Participation in the preparation of bidding documents and contract requirements.

Reviews   and   recommend   on   the   Contractors   Environmental   and   social Management Plan (CESMP), to include measures that fulfill contract requirements as  well  as  the  measures  identifies  in  the  ESIA  and  ESMP  that  are  the responsibility of the Contractor.

Undertake compliance monitoring and supervision of contractors’ implementation of CESMP.

Monitoring availability of Protective Equipment (PPE) onsite and proper use of PPE by all workers.

Follow   up   on   health   and   safety   working   condition   (including)   welfare arrangement) for contractors personnel and any others visiting the project site.

Monitor contractor’s compliance with the nation and international occupation health and safety legal requirements (OSHA)

Perform inspection to ensure water quality of the subproject (for safety of the future  users),  air  emission  and  dust  contract  measures  as  well  as  waste

management follow Tanzania regulations, WB Policies and standards and are implemented as stipulated in the approved contract and CESMP.

In  collaboration  with  contractors  ESHS  team,  the  Environment  Expert  is  to ensure regular ESHS training are provided to construction workers

Follow up on environmental, occupational, health and safety related grievances in relation to workers and their proposed closure actions.

Participation in site meeting with contractors to discuss occupation and ESHS issues

Work with NELSAP ESHS team to ensure contractors are complying to the requirements.

Reviews and recommend on the contracts ESHS weekly, monthly and other progress reports.

Prepare  environment,  health  and  safety  reports  on  weekly,  monthly  and

quarterly for individual projects and ensure that reports are submitted on time. The reports to have the content and information to be agreed related to EHS Metrics

Develop a data storage system with all sub projects documentation, permits, ESMP APPROVED, etc

Ensure consultation are performed per country regulation and OP 4.01 and review the ESIA/ESMP based on these consultations.

Coordinate the publication of final safeguard documents and coordinate their publication in government websites.

Ensure COVID 19 plans are followed during preparation and construction sites.

Coordinate GRM resolution in relation to EHS issues

Coordinate work with the social specialist

Ensure compliance with Tanzania regulations for all all relevant topics (water, waste, safety, etc)

Perfumed other duties as assigned.

3.3 Duration and Nature of Appointment

The appointment of the Environment Expert will be for an initial period of 06 Months with a probation periods of 3 months and a probable extension subject to satisfactory performance and availability of funds. Remuneration is negotiable.

3.4 Qualifications

The Environment Experts will be selected  on the basis of the following criteria:

Must   have   bachelor’s   Degree   in   Environmental   Science,   Environmental Management or  related field from a recognized University.

Must have   at least 7 years of work experience in EIA/ESMP Preparation and supervision

Must have at least 5 years of experience in the supervision of infrastructure and construction projects.

Must have knowledge and experience of 5 years in occupation health and safety issues.

Must have team work spirit and be able to work independently   and under minimal supervision.

Must have good writing, analytical, presentation and reporting skills, Excellent ability to prepare reports and critical review of documents.

Must have excellent oral and writing communication skills in English and /or French depending on the country of work. Good working knowledge of local languages (Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda and Kirundi) will be an added advantage.

Must have computer literacy in the MS Office suite of applications including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

For the 3 Job Vacancies at Ngara District Council / LADP:-

3.5 Candidates Reporting Obligations

The environment Experts shall work under direct supervision of and to LADP District Coordinator. The Environment Experts shall be located in the Ngara District (TANZANIA).


The candidates is expected to produce and submit:

A brief narrative/ weekly/monthly report outing the work accomplished in delivering the specific weekly/monthly/quarters.

An outline of the work expected to be completed for the next deliverable week/monthly/quarter.

Any document requested guideline, ESMP, progress reports, among others

Approved all related to  contractors’ ESMP, monitoring and progress reports during implementation.

Weekly,  monthly  and  quarterly  ESHS  monitoring  reports  for  individual projects submitted to NELSAP through LADP Coordinator that will report to agreed EHS Metrics.

All other reports and documents related to implementation of LADP projects as might be needed from time to time.

Interested in of these 3 Job Vacancies at Ngara District Council / LADP ?

How to apply:

  1. 1. Interested Applicants should apply by submitting:

(i)      A  cover  of  letter  with  statement  on  applicant’s  interested  in  the  given

assigned and suitable based on the given ToR to be addressed to:-

District Executive Director, Ngara District Council, P.O.BOX 30,


(ii)     Curriculum Vitae (CV) includes date of birth and nationality

(iii)    Copies of academic & professional training certificates

  1. 2. Detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) can be accessed on the following websites:

www.ngaradc.go.tz http:nelsap.nilebasin.org and www.rusumoproject.org

  1. 3. Deadline for submission is on 09th July 2024 before 18:00 PM hours Tanzania time through the email:  ded@ngaradc.go.tz with a copy to  nelsapprocurement@nilebasin.org (In the application letter clearly mark the position you are applying for, example application of LADP Ngara Procurement Officer, etc)

Only candidates who meet the requirements and are short-listed for the interview –will be contacted.

To apply for this job email your details to ded@ngaradc.go.tz