Job Description

This involves overseeing the entire premium financing process within an organization by developing and implementing plans to optimize the premium financing sales and operations, including setting targets for loan volume, revenue, and profitability. Also, responsible for driving the strategic direction of the premium financing business, managing risks, fostering growth opportunities, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while delivering excellent customer service.

Roles & Responsibilities

-Developing and implementing strategies to grow the premium finance business, including expanding the client base, increasing loan volume, and maximizing revenue.

-Identifying new business opportunities, partnerships, and markets to drive growth and profitability.

-Monitoring industry trends and competitor activities to identify areas for improvement and innovation.

-Providing leadership, guidance, and direction to the team on the Insurance premium finance.

-Setting clear goals and expectations for team members and monitoring their performance.

-Conducting regular performance evaluations and providing feedback, coaching, and training as needed to ensure the team’s success.

-Building and maintaining strong relationships with key clients, insurance carriers, financial institutions, and other stakeholders.

-Addressing client inquiries, concerns, and requests in a timely and professional manner to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.