Turkish Airlines, Dar es-Salaam,



Job Description:

  • Realizes processes for acceptance, flight preparation and delivery of any cargo and mail carried.
  • Accompanies loading and unloading of cargo free from any damage and in full.
  • Performs the first response in order for resolution of any irregularities occurred at cargo shipments.
  • To develop relations with agents, customers and the companies operating in the industry; to find new markets; and to announce fares/charges, regulations and innovations to the agents.
  • Inquires and assesses the available and possible cargo potentials at her/his region; and informs the Regional Cargo Manager; and issues a report for such purpose, when and if required.
  • Establishes and improves cooperation with the cargo agents and other airlines, in order to find cargo for flights of the Company. Realizes visits to agents, and sales-marketing activities as per the marketing program.
  • Monitors and implements any procedures, instructions and international publications regarding cargo charges and regulations.
  • Takes the actions required for systematical performance of cargo sales and services at her/his region.
  • Contributes to achievement of all targets of the process, where she/he serves, by acting in accordance with policies of the Company.
  • Provides the official paper (AWB) stocks, keeps them safely, ensures that their distribution and transactions are carried out in accordance with the regulations and instructions.
  • Coordinates with official authorities and handling agencies, follows rules and regulations.
  • Provides reply to customer rate enquiries based on TK rate policy and applicat─▒ons.
  • Coordinates with Handling Company and follows up TK equipment stocks like ULDs straps etc. and ensure they are circulated and kept within Station limits avoid excess stocks
  • Ensures cargo sales figures are correct free from dispute with ACS or cargo agents and ensures payments collected properly timely

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Minimum High School graduation (Associate or Bachelors degree is preferred)
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in cargo or logistics
  • Knowledge of cargo operations through understanding of airline cargo sales including pricing strategies
  • Competency with MS Office products
  • Good command of English and local language(s)
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Permanent residence permit in the respective country (The Company will not provide or assist with work permits)
  • Ability to communicate with co-workers and business contact in a courteous and professional manner