Key Responsibilities

  • Operate the control desk at the coater room
  • Check the production order requirements and prepare its inputs in advance
  • Check quality of the materials used, applicator rolls, pick up rolls and maintain the process parameters
  • Set correct gap required for the applicator and pick-up rolls
  • Feed the process parameters into the scada as required
  • Ensure the material is treated using the recommended procedure before paint is applied.
  • Carryout Autonomous maintenance and housekeeping of the section
  • Adhere to health and safety guidelines as per company policy
  • Fill in the operation parameters as specified in the coater room logbook

Qualifications required:

  • Minimum academic qualification: Minimum Form 4 Level
  • Qualifications as an added advantage: Craft Certificate in mechanical or paint process exposure

Experience required:

  • General work experience (years): 6 months
  • Specific to the position (level/discipline/years): Min: 6 months
  • Industry: Manufacturing

Key competencies and skills

No medical / mental conditions e.g. not epileptic, not allergic paints, does not nose breed etc.
Ability to work with own hands
Safety conscious
Good eyesight
Ability to hear without training
Language requirements:
Computer literacy:
·       Basic knowledge in computers
Personality profile:
·       Self-driven, highly motivated, honest, ability to listen to other people opinion, take instructions from seniors
Additional/specific work requirements

  • Ability to be trained