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Role: Compliance Data Administrator

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Duration : 12 months (renewable)

Key words : Management, Report, Power BI, Mining, Oil and Gas

Job Description

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project involves the construction and operation of a buried, cross-border pipeline to transport crude oil from the Lake Albert area in Uganda to the eastern coast of Tanzania for export to international markets. The pipeline will run from Kabaale in Hoima District, Uganda, to Chongoleani, Tanga Region, in Tanzania. The length of the pipeline is 1,443 kilometers (km) of which 296 km will be in Uganda and 1,147km in Tanzania. In Tanzania the pipeline will traverse eight (8) Regions, comprising Kagera, Geita, Shinganga, Tabora, Singida, Dodoma, Manyara and Tanga, and 27 district/town/city councils and 231 villages.


  • Conducting data input to Borealis Data platform, up to date system with obligations, actions, inspection result.
  • Distribute report to key stakeholders with overall compliance areas, etc.
  • Collect checklist from all data providers and synchronize status with system on regular basis.
  • Support the EACOP Permitting team in their engagement with regulatory authorities in compliance with Tanzanian and International Oil and Gas requirements.
  • Coordinating and assisting the technical and construction teams for the EACOP project, ensuring timely and effective completion of the project’s objectives.
  • Be a link between all the project teams to manage and report all non-compliances with project requirements.
  • Supporting project contractors and subcontractors with Permitting and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Understanding the Regulatory Framework: Stay up to date with the relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines governing the oil and gas industry in Tanzania.

Reporting Requirements

  • Maintain accurate records and submit required reports to regulatory authorities.
  • Data and Technical Information Management: Manage data and information related to oil and gas operations in a manner.
  • Dispute Resolution: Be prepared to engage in dispute resolution mechanisms in the event of any disagreements with regulatory authorities or other stakeholders. comply with regulatory requirements.


  • Collect checklist report from all data providers and synchronize status with system.
  • Ensure corrective action was developed promptly for non-compliance items, monitor progress, timely close, collect record and report.
  • To assist other departments in customizing the Borealis tools in different modules such as legal, audit, HSE, stakeholder engagement, compliance, etc.
  • Conduct gap analysis obligation data vs collected and inspected.
  • Liaise with all project area leads to develop reporting dashboards, widgets and customize them for every project area.
  • Maintain the overall tracking of the obligation and follow up inspection, actions, records related to project scope.
  • Issue status reports to update project team on project area in accordance with instructions from delivery manager.
  • Provide training for new users of Borealis.
  • Regularly check system functionalities work performance, take necessary actions to rectify revealed deficiencies and report to RC Lead, RC Manager, or IT team.
  • Conduct and participate in all meetings on subject relating to potential non-compliance, compliance reports, expedite implementation of corrective actions, implementation of the obligation.
  • Organize and track all project permits and ensure compliance with project permit conditions into assurance tool.
  • Use borealis as compliance assurance tool to capture permits obligations and manage expirations and renewals and coordinate with the contractors as soon as applicable.
  • Uploading of legal type of requirements into Borealis data platform.
  • Ascertain that prompt corrective action was generated for non-compliance issues, track development, timely close out, gather records, and report.
  • Conduct periodic gap analyses of the obligation data to make sure nothing is still missing.
  • To create reporting dashboards and widgets that are unique to each project area, collaborate with the leads of all project areas.
  • Keep track of all obligations, follow-up actions, and records that are connected to the project’s scope.
  • Send status updates to the project team for each project area in accordance with the delivery manager’s instructions.
  • Perform routine system and work performance checks, fix any flaws that are found, and then report back to the RC Lead, RC Manager, or IT team.
  • Assist the Regulatory Compliance Manager in providing feedback to regulatory authorities and agencies and following up with them to secure meetings as per the EACOP project requirements.
  • Conduct and take part in any meetings on probable non-compliance, compliance reports.
  • To adopt and demonstrate exemplary behaviour regarding ethics and project “code of conduct” policy.
  • Ensure the EACOP project construction activities comply with the provisions of regulations, rules and all other applicable laws and standards.
  • Works closer with the project teams to advise on the project regulatory compliance requirements.
  • To review and update the compliance register and make sure is aligned with EACOP project requirements.
  • To adopt and demonstrate exemplary behaviour regarding ethics and project “code of conduct” policy.

Qualifications And Experiences

  • Degree: BSc in Engineering, Science, Law, or any relevant qualification.
  • 3-5 years of experience in a variety of sectors, ensuring strong project management and industry understanding, such as in oil and gas, hydropower, IT, telecom, mining, construction, and minor or significant projects.
  • Advance IT skills, including Excel, Word, previous data software experience is plus.
  • Excellent presentation and documentation skill to explain and resolve effectively on technical issue to project team within the project.
  • Highly motivated individual who can work independently and participating within a high-profile international team.
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural business environment.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Fluent in English and Swahili (speaking and writing).
  • Ability to analyse and interpret information related to the scope of work in an expedited way.
  • Good knowledge of Project management and Compliance Assurance systems such as Aconex, Power BI, Project Site, Omie, Borealis, and other management systems.


  • Ensure compliance with Tanzanian rules, regulations, shareholder and governmental agreements, and standards relevant to project activities and project implementation in compliance with requirements in construction deliverables and site activities.
  • To ensure local authorities evolvement in compliance with requirements.
  • Supporting and coordination EACOP project teams.
  • Assist project contractors with permitting and regulatory requirements.

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