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Welcome and thank you for your interest!

We are currently looking for people to participate in our Saturn project.

What is the project about?

The purpose of this project is to collect corporate emails which you received from businesses or organizations to help improve anti-spam and email filtering technology. A corporate email usually includes the business name or brand of a company or business, e.g.,, etc.

The emails should not be older than the 1st of January 2021 and should be only in English.

Task description:

You will share the emails in .eml or .msg formats from your personal computer (desktop or laptop), using our DataForce proprietary platform. You may submit a total of 50 emails.

There are 2 types of emails needed for this project, time-sensitive emails and transactional emails.

Time-sensitive emails are emails sent to an individual recipient where delivery at a specific point in time directly influences the value of the message. These are usually emails that users prefer to see in their inbox so they can act within a certain time window. For example, a meeting invitation from a company, a power outage in your house on a specific day sent by your network provider or a sudden change in flight terminal on a coming trip sent by the airline.

Transactional emails are emails sent to one individual at a time. They specify recent transactions, financial statements, shipment deliveries, receipts of purchases and travel bookings.

Regardless of the email category, each email must have the following attributes:

– Subject line should consist of a minimum of 4 words

– Sender email address should have a corporate domain name. Emails from @gmail, @yahoo, @aol, @outlook, @icloud, and other similar domains will not be accepted

– Sender Name

– Header (Subject, From, To and Date)

Who is eligible?

To participate you should meet the following qualifying criteria:

– Be 18 years or older.

– Be a resident of Tanzania.

Where is the project taking place?

This is a fully remote project.

How much is the compensation?

You will receive $1 USD for each accepted transactional email and $2.5 USD per each accepted time-sensitive email.

As payment method, we offer the following options according to your country of Residence:

– For residents of Tanzania we offer Wire Transfer, PayPal and Gift Card

Please note that all submissions will be checked by our Quality Assurance team and compensation will be provided for accepted assets.

How long does it take?

The task duration varies depending on how many emails you deliver and the speed of your internet connection.

How to Apply:


To apply for this job please visit