Managing Director Job Vacancy at Ker & Downey Safaris (T) Limited

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Ker & Downey Tanzania is an East African luxury safari outfitter that specializes in legendary classic tented and adventure safaris in exclusive wilderness.

Managing Director Job Vacancy at Ker & Downey Safaris (T) Limited


Ker & Downey Safaris (T) Limited is registered Tanzanian Company under Companies Ordinance (Cap. 212) as well as TIC and receive the Certificate of Incentive No. 00220193. The Company’s Tax Identification Number is 100-197-11. The Company is based in the Arusha Region

Role’s Summary:

Managing Director will be responsible to provide strategic leadership to Ker & Downey Safaris Tanzania Limited (KDT) which manages, oversees and provides various support services to a number of its sis­ter companies in the safari and tourism industry, wildlife conservation and preservation.


  • Management, Administration and Financial Reporting
  • To communicate effectively and appropriately with the representatives of the ultimate beneficiaries of KDT and other contracted entities, ensuring they are each well and timeously informed about matters relevant to their respective roles as regards the business.
  • To provide effective leadership in order to motivate, inspire and positively influence all Company’s employ­ees and stakeholders for the on-going benefit of the organization and the role it plays in Tanzania.
  • To manage and oversee office administration and ensure that the office is run in a well-organized manner and in accordance with accepted corporate standards.
  • To devise and implement, on a cooperative basis with the management team, the Company’s annual strate­gic plan which enables the Company”s long-term sustainability.
  • To provide effective guidance and management to maximize the operational efficiency of the business in­cluding ensuring that budgets are adhered to; that revenue generation is a priority.
  • To oversee the Company’s financial advisors, accountants and auditors to ensure that proper books of ac­counts, financial reports and audited accounts are prepared in a timely manner and in accordance with the international accounting standards.
  • To work closely with the Directors of the Friedkin Conservation Fund and to ensure proper management of wildlife conservation and community projects in areas which the Company operates.
  • The Managing Director shall work with the legal service providers to ensure that the Company runs and op­erates in accordance with the legal requirements as per the applicable laws of Tanzania.
  • To ensure capital allocations are strategically utilized and the associated projects are effectively managed and completed in a timely manner. The Managing Director shall ensure that employees and engaged con­tractors or service providers deliver their work according to their respective terms of engagement.

Hospitality Industry Development and Management

  • Championing the Company’s mission and values and working to strengthen the Company’s brand and all it represents.
  • To oversee the hospitality business, in line with the Company’s brand and its market positioning.
  • Playing a positive role in the marketing of the Company’s hospitality business to the international tourism market, in line with the Company’s Marketing Strategy.

Liaison with the Government and Support of Local Communities

  • The creation and maintenance of strategic, sound and positive relationships and communications with the responsible Central Government Ministries and Departments, the respective Local Governments and the Local Communities in the areas where the Company operates.
  • Working/collaborating with other sister Companies in representing each Company at key functions, in rep­resentations to the Central Government, Local Government and local communities and dealing positively and strategically with the media.

Managing Director Job Vacancy at Ker & Downey Safaris (T) Limited

Directors Duties and Responsibilities

  • To support and assist the Company in conducting and promoting its business and to ensure the implemen­tation of the objectives of the Company.
  • To exercise reasonable care, skills and diligence in performing his duties as a Managing Director of the Com­pany.
  • To act in a way, he considers, in good faith, to be most likely to promote the success of the Company for the benefit of its members as a whole.
  • To avoid conflict of interest / to declare any interest in any proposed transaction or arrangement.
  • To observe and perform obligations within the corporate by-laws and act in accordance with all laws, stat­utes and regulations pertaining to the business of the Company.
  • To act within the Company’s Articles of Association and within powers conferred to the Directors, i.e. only do things the company is authorized to do, and that the Directors are authorized to do.
  • To work with the Board of Directors to ensure statutory compliance as required by the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania. The Managing Director shall be authorized to seek legal counsel of the appointed com­pany lawyers to ensure legal compliance of the Company at all times.
  • To fully participate in preparation and convening relevant meetings with the other Directors and members of the Company and ensure good corporate governance.



  • An appropriate, tertiary level education qualification (preferable)
  • Be generally computer literate, but have advanced experience with Microsoft software packages. Experience and Skills:
  • A minimum of ten years’ practical experience in commerce, economics, managerial and leadership skills.
  • Have exceptional communication skills in English (written and verbal) and be an effective communicator. Practical Swahili skills is an added advantage.
  • Have that ability to deal with pressure and respond appropriately to demands and expectations.
  • Have passion for the industry – an enthusiasm for the task at hand (conservation, hospitality, community outreach and commerce).
  • Respect and appreciate the complexities of Tanzanian society, culture and laws.
  • Have a professional, influential and collaborative approach to stakeholders.
  • Be organized and systematic and have a real commitment to meeting tight reporting deadlines

How to Apply:

Applicants are invited to submit their CV’s/Resumes and copy of certificates to P & C Office (for hard copies or via email to:

Ker & Downey Safaris (T) Limited offers equal employment to qualified men and women and if you are not contacted by the people & Culture department within thirty (30) days after the closing date, you should con­sider your application as unsuccessful.

Please forward applications before 1st May 2023.