How to Answer the Most Common Interview Questions with Useful Examples

How to Answer the Most Common Interview Questions with Useful Examples

Common job interview questions and answers! Going for a job interview can be an extremely daunting prospect especially when you are not sure what sort of things you are going to be asked. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the most common interview questions you can expect to be asked in a job interview, and what kinds of things you should say in response.

Tips for Answering the Most Common Interview Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most obvious and common interview questions you may be asked during your job interview and how you might respond to them.

Please could you tell me a little bit about yourself?

In this case, the interviewer is looking to discover what about you would make a good fit for the job you are applying for and how you would work within the business. In answer to this question, you should keep your answers brief yet to the point. For example, you might say something like ‘I am a driven person and I have proven this in my previous role, as you can see on my resume, my determination earned me a promotion twice within my first year.’ You may then go on to talk about personal experiences within your career and private life which have some relation to the job you are looking to do.

What is the reason for leaving your previous job? Most Common Interview Questions

In short, the prospective employer is looking to find out whether or not you were fired or left for an unreasonable reason. You should be honest but avoid saying anything that may reflect badly on you. If the situation becomes uncomfortable, you can divert the subject to your achievements.

What salary are you expecting from this position?

No employer wants to hear that you are expecting more than is usual for the job role but they also won’t want you to aim lower than average as this shows that you don’t have ambition. The best way to answer this question is to say that it is negotiable. If you are in any doubt as to what is reasonable, it is important to research the salaries of other people in this role.

What goals and ambitions do you have for the future?

This question may also come in other wordings such as ‘Where do you see yourself five years from now?’ But in essence, the answer should be the same, and that is to explain what you hope to have achieved within your career and in particular the role you are applying for. Talk about improving your skills and learning new ones and explain how you plan to reach any goals you have stated.

Why are you the best candidate for this position?

This is where you need to sell yourself. Don’t be shy and ensure that you mention anything that makes you stand out from the crowd after all this is your chance to show what an asset you will be to the company.

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What is your main weakness?

This is somewhat of a trick question and should be approached with caution. You should never say that you have no weaknesses as this is impossible for any human being but instead, you should demonstrate how you overcome your weakness and turn it into a positive.

What can you tell me about (company name)?

Many job interviewers will ask you to tell them about the company that you are interviewing with and it is a common mistake when people do not do their research. If you appear to not know a lot about the company, it is going to come across as you not being bothered whether you work for them or not. A good knowledge of the company can be very impressive and can often secure a position.

How to Answer the Most Common Job Interview Questions | Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Questions and Answers Examples

Here are some examples of what you might say in response to these common interview questions. In these examples, the interviewee is a trainee doctor of psychology.

Tell Me A Little Bit About Yourself

I am a student of human behaviour and have excelled in all of my studies due to my passion and dedication. I am a hard working individual who thrives from gaining new experiences and information. My interests outside of my professional life include yoga, golf and reading and I am currently doing some volunteer work for a charity which helps victims of crime. I am extremely punctual and pride myself on exceptional manners and kindness.

What Is The Reason For Leaving Your Previous Job?

I spent three years working for (company name) where I gained a lot of knowledge which complimented my studies. However, I feel that there are no further challenges for me within my current role and so am looking to broaden my horizons and join a new company where I can provide new ideas and meet new challenges. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working for (company name) and it will be sad to leave them behind but exciting to begin a new chapter in my career.

What Salary Are You Expecting?

I am aware that this particular role usually involves a salary around $50,000, however, I feel that this figure could be negotiated based on my experience and education level.

What Goals And Ambitions Do You Have For The Future?

My main goal in applying for this position of Psychologist is to help people. The reason that I entered into this career was to make a difference to those who I work with and to bring new techniques to the forefront. My passion for people has evolved over time and I am looking to form new professional relationships through which, new ideas and research can be shared. I am striving to further my knowledge on human behaviour and successfully apply this to my patients.

Why Are You The Best Candidate For This Position?


I believe that I am the best candidate for this role because of my dedication to my work. For me, my career is the most important thing in my life and this has been proven time and time again through the results I have produced. You need someone who is going to demonstrate passion and determination and by hiring me, this is exactly what you will be getting. This is not simply a job to me, this is a way of life.

What Are Your Main Weaknesses?

The one weakness that I found that I have over the last few years is my lack of IT skills. Unfortunately, I did not see this as important when I first began my journey in my career. I found that I was regularly having to ask for help when it came to computer based work and so I decided that this needed to change. I, therefore, began two online courses in the field of IT and as such drastically improved my skills.

What Strengths Do You Have That Would Benefit The Company?

I believe that my biggest strength is my ability to listen. I feel that this is extremely important in my role and enables me to understand people better. I also believe that I have excellent communication skills which will not only benefit my patients but also those with whom I am working. I am also an extremely innovative person who is continually coming up with new ideas and ways of doing things which, I believe will greatly benefit your company.

What Can You Tell Me About (Company Name?)

123 Company was founded in 1972 by a passionate doctor who wanted to proved private mental health care at an affordable rate. He had a passion for people and spent his life dedicated to this cause. When he passed away in 2004, his son took over the business and has brought it to new heights with the incorporation of a respite centre which has not only been beneficial to the patients but has also created many new jobs in the field of nursing. The company also works alongside mental health charities proving free care to those who are unable to afford care by themselves and this included centres for the homeless and vulnerable.


Answering job interview questions with confidence and honesty is the very best way to ensure that you have the most success, and this doesn’t just mean getting the job but also because of the experience this type of situation can provide. The best way to approach your job interview is to be prepared and fully research the company.

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