Power System Specialist Job Vacancy at Pivotech Company Limited

5 Trainee Job Vacancies at Pivotech Company Limited

Power System Specialist Job Vacancy at Pivotech Company Limited

PIVOTECH Company Limited was inaugurated in the year 2007 as a brainchild of friends who met and discussed various issues including how infuriating the electricity problem was in Tanzania. The friends believed that “every problem brings new opportunities” and that was how the idea of forming a company was found. Over the years the company has been existent for over a decade persistently offering services in mission- critical operations such as O&M services to telecommunication, banking operations, downstream oil & Gas services, and maintenance services to the educational institution and government infrastructure related projects.These and such similar mission-critical operations are renowned for their intolerance to neither service interruptions nor service outages. PIVOTECH has been crafted with philosophical mold serve these types of niche industries. Our Mission We pay attention to technological changes and deliver valuable services to our partners, businesses and empowering employees at all times. Our Vision To create and maintain an organization of highly skilled professionals that serves our clients needs with honesty and integrity and to provide an environment that promotes organizational growth and employees self pride.

Power System Specialist Job Vacancy at Pivotech Company Limited , MAY  2022

The company is hiring for a new Power System Specialist. Interested to join them? Please Read the full jobs description through the PDF FILE attached below:

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