4 new Job Vacancies at Ubungo Municipal Council

4 new Job Vacancies at Ubungo Municipal Council

4 new Job Vacancies at Ubungo Municipal Council

A few Details About Ubungo Municipal Council

Ubungo Municipal Council is one of the five Municipal Councils in the city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The vision of the Council is to have a society that is empowered to adapt to social, economic and Infrastructure development. The overarching goal is to provide better services to the community through the use of available resources, and to build their capacity, good governance and respect for the rule of law that will improve the lives of the community.

Council Revenue Sources are heavily dependent on various taxes and levies, major sources of revenue include Postage taxes, city service tax, Business licenses and on the part of the central government is through grants provided in specific areas such as Health, Education, and Infrastructure. Inadequate revenue sources to meet the needs of the Municipality to provide quality and quality services, the Municipal Council has focused on providing quality services to the public and seeking investment opportunities.


Ubungo Municipal Council is bordered by Kibaha District Council to the north, Kinondoni Municipal Council to the southeast and Kisarawe District Council to the west. Ubungo Municipal Council is connected to good roads and other means of communication in Dar es Salaam City and other parts of the country. The main roads connecting the Councils are Morogoro Road, Mandela Road, and Sam Njoma Road.


Ubungo Municipal Council has an area of ​​260.40 kilometers, according to the 2012 Census The municipality has a total population of 845,368 people of which 409,149 are males and 436,219 females but according to the 2016 population estimates the Municipal Council has a total population of 1,031,349 people where males are 499,161 and females 532,188.

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4 new Job Vacancies at Ubungo Municipal Council – June 2022 , please read the full details on the official advert found on the PDF file below : –

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