19 Job Opportunities at Buhigwe District Council

19 Job Opportunities at Buhigwe District Council

19 Job Opportunities at Buhigwe District Council.

Buhigwe District Council was established in 2012 under the Government Notice No. 73 of 2nd march 2012. It is one of 7 councils of Kigoma Region, others districts includes; Kibondo, Kigoma, Kigoma/Ujiji Municipal, Uvinza, Kasulu and Kakonko. It is located in the Western part of Kigoma Region. In the west, it is bordered by Republic of Burundi, in the East and northern part is bordered by Kasulu District Council, in the south-eastern is bordered by Congo DRC, in the southern part is bordered by Kigoma District Council. It is located in the highlands found nearby Republic of Burundi.

Buhigwe District Council is among seven Local Government Authorities in Kigoma Region.  It has an area of 1,700.29 square Kilometers.  Administratively, it is divided into 2 Divisions; 20 Wards, 44 Villages and 188 Sub-villages.  The Council has a population of 254,342 people including 120,690 males and 133,652 females as per population and household census of 2012.

The paved trunk road T19 from Kigoma to the Burundi border passes through a small portion of the district

Buhigwe District is a junction that link roads to Kigoma, Kasulu District, and Republic of Burundi. It has a total of 574 kilometres (357 mi) of roads, of which 30 kilometres (19 mi) is trunk roads, 60 kilometres (37 mi) is Regional Roads, 282 kilometres (175 mi) is District Roads, and the remaining 202 kilometres (126 mi) is feeder roads.[4] Generally, main regional roads and truck roads are passable throughout the year but feeder roads and District roads are traversed with difficulty during rain season.

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19 Job Opportunities at Buhigwe District Council – June 2022 , please read the official advert in full via the PDF File attached below :-

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