New Job Vacancies at Dodoma City Council

5 Job new Vacancies at Dodoma City Council

New Job Vacancies at Dodoma City Council

Many years ago this town called Dodoma was known as Calangu (Chalangu). These migrants were different in their behavior, the mangala and the Bambali lived in the bush and were hunters eating meat and honey. And the herdsmen and the herdsmen were farmers and herdsmen. These people were naturally cowards so when some people started coming in from the northern hemisphere, western moons and southern hehe these people left and went to live elsewhere.

The reason for these migrants being called gogo, is due to the moon traders as they were passing by with their goods towards the Coast for trade, when they reached between Itigi and Manyoni they found a large tree had fallen and blocked the road, so for a long time they had to sleep on one side before crossing the other. of a tree (log). This made them whenever they were asked where they slept before continuing the journey they said they slept on the log. Thus these migrants became known as logs (logs) from that log. In 1912 came the German Dr. Spreling (Spelenje), with the establishment of its stronghold, the fort is now the office of the Prime Minister. The office where he used to work for the administration and decision making of criminals (imprisonment, flogging and execution) is now the CCM Dodoma Urban District Office. The favorite garden to visit and relax was the Kikuyu area, which is now St. Paul’s University. John’s, the area at the time was a hotbed of wildlife reviews from the northern parks (Arusha) to the southern parks (Mikumi). It was the reviews of the animals that led to the change in the name of the area after the elephant became extinct in the swampy area near Mazengo High School which is now St. Paul’s University. Johns. This degeneration of the Kigogo language is known as IDODOMIA so after this deed the name changed from Calangu (Chalangu) to Idodomia (DODOMA). The city of Dodoma was officially declared the headquarters of the Party and the Government under section No.320 in 1973. Thereafter success events followed. In 1980 the city of Dodoma was given the status of a Municipality. In 1995 the government decided that all parliamentary activities should take place in Dodoma. Parliament officially began its work in February 1996.

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The Director of Dodoma City Council would like to advertise New Job Vacancies at Dodoma City Council – March 2023 , please read full details on the official advert below:-

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