Jobs in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Jobs in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Jobs in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Kilimanjaro Region is one of Tanzania’s 30 administrative regions. The regional capital is the municipality of Moshi.  The region is home to a portion of Kilimanjaro National Park. The region is bordered to the north and east by Kenya, to the south by the Tanga Region, to the southwest by the Manyara Region, and to the west by the Arusha Region.

The total population of Kilimanjaro Region in 2012 was 1.6 million. Out of that, 76 percent (1.2 million) were in rural areas and 24 percent (0.3 million) resided in urban areas.
The 2002-2012 population growth rate of Kilimanjaro Region was 1.8 percent while the population growth rate of rural part was 1.3 percent and that of urban part was 3.2 percent. The average annual growth rate of Kilimanjaro Region increased from 1.6 percent during the 1988-2002 to 1.8 percent during the 2002-2012 inter-censal periods. It was the 24th highest in the country and it  was also the eighth most densely populated region with 124 people per square kilometer.

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