Jobs in Morogoro, Tanzania

Jobs in Morogoro, Tanzania

Jobs in Morogoro, Tanzania , The Morogoro Region, also known as Mkoa wa Morogoro in Swahili, is one of the 31 administrative areas of Tanzania. The area of the region is 27,268 square miles, or 70,624 km.The region’s size is similar to the whole land area of Ireland as a nation. The Manyara and Tanga regions border the Morogoro Region to the north; the Pwani and Lindi regions border it to the east; the Ruvuma region borders it to the south; and the Iringa Njombe and Dodoma regions border it to the west. The Morogoro municipality serves as the regional capital. 2,218,492 people were living in the area as per the 2012 national census.

Agriculture is the primary economic activity in the Region. There are jobs for about 80–90% of the local work force. A variety of sizes of farmers work in agriculture. Tanzania’s cocoa capital is the Morogoro Region, where 20% of farmers cultivate the crop.

At Morogoro Region you will also find many Sugar Producing Factories such as Mtibwa Sugar Estates Limited, Kilombero Sugar Company Limited and Mkulazi Holding Company Limited .

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