Jobs in Simiyu, Tanzania

Jobs in Simiyu, Tanzania

Jobs in Simiyu, Tanzania, The United Republic of Tanzania has thirty-one administrative regions, including the Simiyu Region. Bariadi town serves as the region’s capital. The River Simiyu gives the area its name. The region and Mara Region are home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Serengeti National Park. In March 2012, the Simiyu Region was divided from a portion of the Shinyanga Region.

Agriculture has continued to be the main economic and lifestyle pillar of the Simiyu Region. This industry, which accounts for over 75% of the region’s GDP, employs roughly 80% of the working-age population. The three principal cash crops that are farmed are cotton, peanuts, and sunflower.

Livestock raising is the second most important economic activity in the area. The Simiyu Region is home to 1,412,911 cattle, 674,402 goats, 254,746 sheep, 1,501,146 hens, and 1,723 pigs.

Tourism is another Economic avenue at Simiyu, whereby Maswa Game Reserve, which occupies 4,210 square kilometers overall and is situated in the Bariadi District close to the boundaries of the Serengeti National Park, is part of the Simiyu region.

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