Employee Relations Manager Job Vacancy at TotalEnergies

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TotalEnergies is a multi-energy company.

Employee Relations Manager  Job Vacancy at TotalEnergies

Human Resources


South Africa

Job Description

As Employee Relations Manager, you will be responsible for teh following activities :

To develop Awareness and Application of Employee Relations Policies and Procedures 
To develop company policies and/ procedures relating employee relations management and ensure awareness of the same 
To provide strategic and tactical operational support and advice to management regarding labour legislation
To promote and maintain harmonious relations between management and staff.
To oversee and monitor compliance with policies and procedures and mitigate risks for the company
To develop and provide training in specific areas of employee relations for specific audiences 
To provide updates on legislative developments and employee relations processes  
To compile reports on areas of management
To monitor implementation of policies and procedures regarding wages, hours and conditions of employment to ensure compliance.
To implement strategic interventions to minimise risks identified    

To represent the company at external Dispute Resolution Forums 
To manage all matters that are referred externally against the company
To represent the company at conciliations and arbitrations
To prepare and present on behalf of the company all labour law related applications 
To negotiate on behalf of the company resolution of matters where required
To represent or liase with relevant parties on matters that are referred to the Labour Court
To recommend to management labour law experts to assist with complex dispute matters 

To conduct disciplinary and Grievance Hearings 
To conduct grievance and disciplinary hearings timely and in a consistent manner. 
To ensure that all notifications and correspondence issued to employees is within the ambit of company policies and procedures 
To ensure that disciplinary and grievance matters are dealt within company policies and procedures as well as legal provisions
To advise employees, management and chairpersons on all disciplinary and grievance matters
To facilitate appointment of chairpersons to deal with hearings

To manage Union Relations and Collective Bargaining  
To manage and maintain harmonious relations with the unions in TSA and Namibia
To engage with the unions on all company level issues relating to union members
To ensure proper administration of collective bargaining agreements at company level. 
To participate and manage sector and industry collective bargaining within company mandate
To communicate and provide feedback on issues pertaining to collective bargaining with potential impact on the company   
and external matters

Manage annual operational budget
To compile financial plan for all projects.
To evaluate expenditure against agreed budget.
To control the expenditure within authorized level.
To implement corrective action where there is significant variance

To identify priority employee relations records that need to be retained specifying retention duration.  
To ensure that accurate records are kept relating to disciplinary records, grievances

People Management
To manage the division and carry out all people management activities
Employee Relations Manager Job Vacancy at TotalEnergies

Context and environment

Organizational: Company restructuring process and requirement to stabilize the situation post – restructure and dealing with any aggrieved parties. 
Culture: expectation that disciplinary cases must be handled expeditiously internal and externally. Company has no control externally.
Labour law environment – the union federation have a lot of sway over the ruling party / government creating difficulties for employers. Also the labour relations landscape is being redefined as a result of Unions trying to fight agencies that deal in temporary staff hiring.

Candidate profile

As Employee Relations Manager, ideally you will possess the following :

A Bachelors Degree in Human Resources or Law and a post-graduate qualification in Employee Relations Management.  
10+ years experience in a labour relations role, 3 years of which should have been in a specialist or advisory position.
Experience with working with employee representatives and employee bodies e.g. CEPPWAWU, COSATU, etc.
Extensive experience in CCMA/ Bargaining Council, conciliations, arbitrations and Labour Court processes and procedures
Extensive experience in representing and negotiating on behalf of management in collective bargaining processes 
Ability to keep abreast with Labour Law cases and ensuring that company policies, procedures and practices are properly aligned. 
Extensive knowledge of all Labour Legislation (i.e. LRA, BCEA, EEA) and other similar legislation in NBLS countries.  
Good knowledge of HR processes and practices
Computer literacy especially in Microsoft Windows suite.
Demonstrable business acumen and ability to exercise sound judgment
Essential skills include facilitation, dispute resolution and negotiating with labour and labour representatives.
Key competencies include deciding and initiating action, adhering to principles and values, persuading and influencing, presenting and communicating, writing and reporting, relating and networking, coping with pressure and setbacks.