Engineer II (Telecommunications And Internet Engineering) Vacancies at TCRA – 14 Posts

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Website Engineer II (Telecommunications And Internet Engineering) Vacancies at TCRA - 14 Posts

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority, established by the TCRA Act No. 12 of 2003, is an independent Authority for the postal, broadcasting and electronic communications industries in Tanzania.

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EMPLOYER Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA)
APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2024-06-07 2024-06-20
i.To analyze network traffic, capacity and overall performance of the communication sector to identify and advise the mechanism to address the potential issues;

ii.To monitor the provision and performance of telecom and internet infrastructure (data centers, fiber optic cable, Internet Exchange Points, telecommunication towers, satellite networks etc.);

iii.To manage national and international traffic routing for internet services;

iv.To establish mechanism for effective network security and resilience;

v.To regularly monitor the performance of communication networks to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations;

vi.To develop and implement measures to improve quality of communication service provided by communication service providers and resolve any identified deficiencies;

vii.To collaborate with communication service providers, government institutions and other stakeholders to address, share information and coordinate efforts in resolving communication services issues at hand;

viii.To prepare regular reports on the performance of the communication sector, detailing network performance, compliance and any significant incidents or improvements;

ix.To assess the feasibility and potential impact of adopting new technologies to enhance communication sector services;

x.To facilitate and oversee interconnection agreements between communication service providers to ensure smooth provision of communication services;

xi.To conduct market studies and analysis to assess the competitiveness of the communication sector;

xii.To prepare recommendations for promoting fair competition and preventing anti-competitive practices;

xiii.To develop mathematical models to represent the cost structure of various communication services accurately;

xiv.To formulate mechanisms on regulating different communication services, technologies and infrastructure;

xv.To perform any other official duties as may be assigned by immediate supervisor;

xvi.To conduct review of policy and regulations for communication sector;

xvii.To develop rules and guidelines for communication sector;

xviii.To participate on issues pertaining study and research for telecommunications and internet services;

xix.To perform any other official duties as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor.

Holder of Bachelor Degree in one of the following fields: Telecommunications, Electronics, Computer Engineering or equivalent qualifications from recognized institutions and registered by the Engineers Registration Board as Graduate Engineer.


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