How to customize your CV to match the job description

How to customize your CV to match the job description

This Articles aims to assist you on how to customize your CV to match the job description . This is because using the same old CV time after time for every Job Application is a sure fire way to rule yourself out of the running for a job.

Customizing your CV (and covering letter, if the application process calls for it) is crucial if you’re going to bag that dream role. Not only does it help your CV get through any tricky filters that some companies might use before it ends up in the hands of a recruiter, it also shows you’ve read the job description and understood thoroughly how the role is perfect for you. This shows that you actually Care and really have a true interest for the Job that you are Applying for.

How to Customize your CV to Match the job description , below are 5 ways to go about it:

1. Use Names

A covering letter is a way to impress recruiters and big up your CV before they read it. It’s also a chance to prove you’ve done your research. Find out the name of the HR manager likely to read your application – if it’s not on the job ad, phone up and find out – and address them directly, this will show that you have keen interest in the Job that you are applying for and help up your chances for an interview Call up.

2. Have an effective Introduction

The introduction (that two-sentence statement at the head of your CV) is the easiest way to customize your CV. Outline who you are (‘A Dodoma based Accountant’), why you’re right for the job (‘with experience in handling cash and Auditing Accounts’) and why you’re the best candidate (‘looking for a new role / challenge with added responsibilities’).

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3. Use Appropriate keywords

Start thinking in terms of keywords. If you’re searching for a job online, they’ll be mentioned throughout the job advertisement. Pull the most unique, eye-catching relevant words from the advert and work them into your CV. It’s a shortcut to catching a recruiter’s eye.

4. Review your Employment history

Consider reworking your employment history for relevance. Say you’re going for an office job, but you spent the last three years working in a clothes shop. Would you highlight your trouser-hanging skills? Or would you big up the month you spent in an office, picking up applicable skills? Don’t be afraid to make a big deal of a small job if it’s more relevant to the role you’re going for.

5. Highlight your Personality

Add some personality. Employers are often looking for certain personality traits in their new hires – it’s not all about the job history. Read the job advert to gauge what they’re looking for (eyes open for terms such as ‘strong’, ‘go-getting’, and ‘independent worker’) and demonstrate how you are all those and more in your covering letter.

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