How to Compose a Good Cover Letter Intro

How to Compose a Good Cover Letter Intro

Here are 5 key steps on how to compose a Good Cover Letter Intro ;-

1. Address the letter to someone by name

Where Possible , get your cover letter off to the right start by ensuring your letter is addressed to an individual. Contact the company to get the full name, correct spelling and title of the person responsible for reviewing your resume.

This is more advantageous than simply addressing your cover letter to “The HR Manager” or “To Whom it May Concern”

2. Specify the job you are applying for

The HR manager may be screening candidates for a number of different job openings so it is important to be explicit about the job you are applying for in your cover letter introduction.

3. Convey enthusiasm for the job

Show commitment from the word go by briefly articulating why you are excited about the job opportunity.

4. Highlight your suitability

Find out as much as you can about the job and company before writing your cover letter. You can then concisely introduce yourself as a well qualified candidate before going on to specify your relevant skills and experience in the body of your cover letter.

5. Tailor your cover letter intro for each job

Your introduction should be targeted to the specific job opportunity and company.

How to compose a Good Cover Letter Intro

Effective examples of how to begin a cover letter

Specify the job opportunity and show your enthusiasm

Your online job posting regarding the ….. position immediately caught my eye and your company name caught my attention

Your recent job posting for the …..  position has captured my serious interest

I read  your job description for the …. position with great enthusiasm

I was excited to read your ….. job posting

I was very pleased to learn of your need for a …..

Introduce yourself with conviction

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I believe that I am particularly well qualified for this position, please allow me to highlight my skills as they relate to your requirements…

I believe that my qualifications and experience, as presented below, combine to create an excellent match for the position…

I am convinced that I have the  skills and expertise to successfully fulfill your job needs…

The enclosed resume details my proven track record in a similar position, some key points you may find relevant include:

My previous work experience has equipped me with the skills and knowledge you are looking for,  in particular ….

This position will utilize my extensive experience in ….

I am confident that I will make an immediate and valuable contribution to your company, my credentials for this job include:

As a results-driven professional I believe I am well suited to this job, highlights of my achievements include the following ….

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