A Sample Application Letter for Office Manager Job Position

A Sample Application Letter for Office Manager Job Position

A Sample Application Letter for Office Manager Job Position. Note you may edit and customize this template sample to meet your specific Job needs, also see the Downloadable Microsoft Word Version Below.


[Today’s Date]

[HR Manager]

[123 Company Address]

[Company City, Region, xxxxx]

[(xxx) xxx-xxxx]


Dear [Mr./Mrs./Ms.] [Manager’s Name],

I am writing to apply for the Office Manager Position at Company X, as advertised on [Website Name]. Over my 5+ years working as an Office Manager at Express Inc., I accumulated extensive experience and skills in office management. I wish to apply for this exciting opportunity at Michael Page, as this job aligns with my goal to utilize my unique skills in a respected multi-national company.

In my role as an Office Manager at Express Inc., I have proven to be a reliable, professional and efficient manager. Given my responsibility to not only manage a team of five in a busy, medium-sized office, but also be primarily responsible for coordinating all office functions, I am accustomed to performing important tasks in a high-pressure environment.

I have continually strived to improve the functionality of my workplace by developing and implementing new administrative systems. I was repeatedly commended for my ability to pinpoint areas for improvement and to execute successful solutions to office efficiency problems, manage staff performance and appraisals, and establish a top-performing team.

Company x would benefit from my superior skills in the following areas:

  • More than five years experience managing front and back office administration
  • Serving as a reliable and trusted assistant to a number of senior executives
  • Strong experience managing company budgets, policies and procedures
  • Supervising and hiring clerical staff; administering records management systems, event planning, preparing reports and presentations
  • High computer proficiency including MS Office Suite, QuickBooks and Lotus Notes
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I believe that my combination of experience, skills and a positive attitude makes me an ideal candidate to fill this position. If there is any more information that you would like me to provide, please do not hesitate to contact me.


[Your Name]


Download the editable word File for your use below – A Sample Application Letter for Office Manager Job Position

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