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Head Chef Job Vacancy at Asilia lodges and Camps LTD



At Asilia we aim to be an organization that offers Better Experiences and Strong Positive Impact. We give people joy and appreciation in iconic wildlife & wilderness areas in a way that makes a positive lasting impact on the environment and its people. Behind the scenes, we diligently build our operational, sustainable and marketing/sales capabilities and access to capital to enable scaling up the experience and impact.

As Head Chef, you will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the kitchen team, ensuring that all guests receive high-quality culinary experiences. This includes developing and executing training programs for kitchen staff, managing the kitchen budget, and collaborating with the management team to ensure that the culinary program aligns with the company’s goals and objectives. You will also be tasked with representing the company to guests, staff, and other stakeholders, maintaining the company’s culinary standards and reputation. Additionally, you will work closely with the Chef Trainer and Group Training Manager to develop and implement kitchen training policies and procedures.

This Job Description is your guide to achieving these objectives by outlining your daily duties & responsibilities.  WE BELIEVE IN BETTER!!

The main purpose of the Head Chef is to lead and orchestrate all aspects of the culinary experience, ensuring exceptional quality, consistency, and guest satisfaction. This includes  Menu Development, Food Quality & Consistency, Kitchen Operations, Inventory Management, Food Safety & Hygiene


Daily Duties

1. Menu Development and Quality Assurance:
o Construct innovative menus that align with our food concept, emphasizing variety and high-quality offerings.
o Approve and refine dishes before they reach the customer, ensuring presentation and taste meet our standards.

2. Guest Experience and Food Concept:
Ensure the ultimate food experience for guests aligns with the company’s culinary concept and standards, maintaining consistency and excellence in every dish served.

3. Kitchen Operations Management:
o Oversee all aspects of food preparation, cooking, and plating.
o Maintain compliance with strict food safety and hygiene protocols.
o Manage a team of kitchen staff, delegate tasks, and foster a collaborative work environment.

3.Budgeting and Inventory Control:
o Develop and manage budgets, including cost control measures.
o Efficiently order ingredients and manage inventory levels.

4. Training and Development:
o Mentor and train cooks, providing growth opportunities.
o Foster skill development and teamwork.

1. Experience:
• A minimum of 5 years of progressive experience as a senior chef, demonstrating mastery in culinary techniques, menu development, and kitchen management.
2. Knowledge:
• Profound expertise in culinary arts, including a comprehensive understanding of flavor profiles, cooking methods, and ingredient combinations.
• Extensive knowledge of diverse cuisines and the ability to curate innovative menus that appeal to varied palates and dietary preferences.
3. Dietary Awareness:
• Demonstrated awareness of dietary restrictions, food allergies, and special dietary needs, with the capability to accommodate and adapt menus accordingly.

4. Skills:
• Exceptional communication and presentation skills, with the ability to articulate culinary concepts, mentor kitchen staff, and interact effectively with guests.
• Proven capability to work collaboratively within a multicultural environment, fostering inclusivity and respect for diverse perspectives.
5. Leadership Abilities:
• Strong leadership skills, including the capacity to inspire and motivate kitchen teams, set clear expectations, and foster a culture of excellence and accountability.

Please send your application and resume in only one Pdf document not later than 12th May 2024 to  cindy@asiliaafrica.com

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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To apply for this job email your details to cindy@asiliaafrica.com