The Top 13 Modern CV Secrets

The Top 13 Modern CV Secrets

Hello , today lets have a look at the Top 13 Modern CV Secrets , because Successful candidates need to stay on top of the most recent developments in CV writing.

All businesses want to work with proactive, vivacious individuals. A current CV ( Curriculum Vitae) portrays a dynamic personality, while an outdated CV reflects a dull one. A modern-looking CV will allow you to come across as active and interesting rather than boring and old-fashioned.

The ideal Curriculum Vitae will alter entirely every two years due to the rapid shift in the employment market. A decade ago, CVs were protracted and poorly organized. However a CV today must be viewed as the candidate’s advertisement.

Having Said that , here are The Top 13 Modern CV Secrets in brief : –

  1. Ensure that everything listed on your CV correlates to the job you are applying to. Always update and Customize it accordingly. Read also: How to customize your CV to match the job description.
  1. Your CV should be either one page or two full pages, the recruiter will normally have to go through hundreds of other CVs per Job Application , so making yours too long will increase the risk of it never getting read.
  2. Your CV / Resume should include at least 5 keywords from the job description. Always read the Job Description ,slowly and carefully and thereafter ensure that you update your CV to match the Job Descriptions by highlighting the main keywords. Read also: How to make your CV stand out to the Recruiter
  1. The font on your CV should be easy to read and not too small (preferably size 12).
  1. Your CV / Resume should clearly show that you meet at least the minimum qualifications.
  1. Your CV should have a summary section at the very top that shows that you meet the requirements of the job.
  1. Each bullet on your CV / resume should start with a positive action verb.
  1. Correct verb tense should always be used. If it’s a past job, all verbs should be past tense.
  1. Your experience section should clearly detail results and accomplishments using numbers whenever possible.
  2. Your CV / resume should shows how you have added value and solved problems at every company you list.
  1. Your education section should be clear with your degree, school name and applicable courses, projects or training that relate to the job you are applying to.
  2. There should be absolutely no misspellings or grammatical errors, always double check ,always triple check.
  1. You should leave the reader of your CV wanting to know more about you and it should include something unique and memorable about you. Read also: 10 Tips for filling out an Online Job Application
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Conclusion on The Top 13 Modern CV Secrets

Remember to use a typical, generic official looking email address when sending an email to a company, whether in response to a Job advertisement or when sending your CV to several employers. For example, and Not something like

In addition, be sure that your actual name , e.g John Suluhu, not your nickname “BigJonyTheHustler,” or something like, shows in your Job Application email.

You are welcome to have a look at more of our Job tips here to enhance your Job application , however if you do not have the time to self enhance your CV , then you are always welcome to make use of our Paid CV Writings Services.

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