How to make your CV stand out to the Recruiter

How to make your CV stand out to the Recruiter

This Article provides guidelines on how to make your CV stand out to the Recruiter. You’ve probably heard that you just have about six seconds to make an impression with your CV.
So, how do you keep your CV up to date in order to gain consideration from the respective recruiter?

Here are a few things to keep an eye on in your CV:

Make it a simple and clean read.

The recruiter must be able to quickly locate your names, titles, previous companies / organisations, start and end dates, educational background, and contact information.

On the first page, grab the recruiter’s attention.

All of the important information should be on the first page so that it can be found quickly and simply.

Be a good fit for the location

If you’re looking to relocate, stating that fact could help you improve your chances at getting the Job

Come from a relevant field and work in a similar capacity.

Recruiters will check for a match between your job title and the job you’re applying for.

Have a description that is a perfect match for the position.

This is a 2-4 line summary that demonstrates how well you match the job requirements.

Emphasize abilities that are relevant to the position.

Use a bulleted summary list to support your profile with additional reasons why you are qualified for the position.

Check if the substance is sufficient to support the claims

A strong profile should be accompanied by a strong summary.
A powerful summary, in turn, must be accompanied by a strong work history.

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