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Selous Kinga Lodge offers accommodation that is designed to immerse you in the beauty of nature, safari activities includes game drives, bush walks, boat safari, and cultural tours. Our lodge is located in the hidden wilderness next to the Rufiji River, just 5km away from Nyerere National Park.

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  1. 1. Company Overview

Stan Tours  Ltd. is a group of  companies which  was incorporated under the company’s ordinance in 2004 as per the laws of Tanzania to provide car hire ad tourism  services.  This  group  contains  other  subsidiary  companies,  including Kinga Homes Boutique Hotel, Stan Safari, Stan Tours, and Selous Kinga Lodge.

  1. 2. Purpose of this work

Selous Kinga Lodge seeks a Tanzania-based videographer and photographer to produce  a  video  testimonial  that  showcases  lodge  related  experience,  boat safaris, game drives, bush walk and Maasai boma. The photographer will work directly under the supervision of Selous Kinga Lodge and in coordination with Technical Officers and Professional Officers of Selous Kinga Lodge. The images and videos will be used for illustration in publications,  websites,  newsletters, social media and institutional magazines. Photographs may also be used by the media and other partners on request as a resource to portray Selous Kinga Lodge’s activities and services.

  1. 3. Scope of work and deliverables
  2. I. The photographer will visit the project areas at Mloka-Rufiji, to collect photo and short video
  3. II. The contractor  must  have  good  command  of  own  photographic equipment (cameras, lenses, lights, filters, tripods), as well as photo- related image editing software.

III.       The   photographers   will   obtain   the   relevant   written   consent   for photographs usage from concerned people/authorities.

  1. I Minimum 80 best edited and 100 second best unedited Digital Images in high resolution JPEG format delivered with shared copyright ownerships between Selous Kinga Lodge and the Photographer / Videographer.
  2. A 3–5-minute HD quality video per brief on experiences and services offered. Minimum of 10 best edited quality videos in
  3. VI. The photographer is expected to maintain professionalism and integrity while on assignment for Selous Kinga Lodge.

VII.     The photographer will be expected to be available for assignments on a short notice.

VIII.     The Photographer will travel to the field accompanied by Selous Kinga

Lodge staff members and/or implementing partner organizations staff. IX.     Photo opportunities will be arranged in collaboration with implementing partners.

  1. The Photographer can request additional photo opportunities where need arises in order to fulfil the brief.
  2. XI. The final sets of edited digital images and videos (including caption information) will be delivered on portable storage devices /emailed (as requested) to Selous Kinga Lodge within five working days after shooting.
  1. 4. Responsibilities of Selous Kinga Lodge

Selous Kinga Lodge shall provide:

  1. I. Lodge  and   activities   information   and   editorial   guidance   to   the Consultant to enable him/her to understand the Deliverables required and generate captions to embed in the photographs.
  2. II. Provide transport from Dar es salaam to Selous, provide meals and accommodation to the complete photo assignment

III.     Photography/Video credentials and clearances (if needed)

The Consultant shall:

  1. I. Abide by the Selous Kinga Lodge Photo Policy and Guidelines and the audiovisual production and pre-production tip sheet
  2. II. Managing and insuring own photographic and other equipment.

III.     Respect the privacy and dignity of the people being photographed.

  1. I The photographer is responsible for obtaining all relevant consent (whether in written or audio format) for photographs usage from concerned people/authorities.
  2. 5. Performance Indicators: Photographs/Video produced on the Assignment will successfully capture and emotionally express the core elements of the situation assigned for coverage. The coverage will include different visual perspectives (close-up, medium range, long distance), with a preference for horizontal and vertical framing, as noted. Photos will be technically good (properly exposed, framed, focused, and edits well optimized). Complete caption information and other metadata will be embedded in the files, as described.
  3. 6. Duty Station: Selous Kinga Lodge, at Mloka – Rufiji.
  4. 7. Payment: A total payment will only be made in full by Selous Kinga Lodge to the Photographer / Videographer upon satisfactory receipt of all agreed deliverable No further fees will be due to the Photographer / Videographer.
  5. I. 50% of  this  fee  will  be  made  in  advance  to  the  Photographer  upon agreement of this contract to help cover initial cost
  6. II. The remaining fees will be made to the Photographer within thirty days of the satisfactory Delivery and review of both Images and comprehensive and complete Caption Information from the Photographer to Selous Kinga Lodge.
  7. 8. Equipment Requirements

The Consultant must own the equipment to be used for the assignments. The equipment used must be modern with minimum capabilities described below:

  1. I. Full frame cameras with modern technology.
  2. II. Video camera(s) functionality must be able to record a minimum quality of at least 4k video quality at a speed of 60fp Ability to switch to lower resolution footage when needed should be included.

III.       The photography camera must be a capable of capturing high resolution images.

  1. I Provide details of the lighting equipment that will be used for low light photography/videography.
  2. Capability to produce both slow motion and fast motion videos,  either within the camera or by using software applications.
  3. VI. Video camera must have a slot for microphones for high quality audio recording.

VII.     Own a drone(s) with capability of taking both high-resolution pictures and videos and described under this section.

  1. 9. Consultant’s Experience and experience
  2. I. Photographer must  have  prior  experience  in  photographing  similar projects/activities minimum of 4 yea
  3. II. Photographer must use own high quality, light, sound and photography equipment capable of delivering high resolution file

III.     Photographer must guarantee timely delivery of photographs. IV.     Photographer with bilingual skills is preferred.

  1. Ability to work under tight deadlines
  2. VI. Share  three  links  to  work  samples  demonstrating  most  relevant previous productions

VII.     Three references (with contact information) from previous clients

VIII.     Detailed list with technical information of the equipment intended for use, including camera, light, sound, editing software etc.

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  1. I Share the price quotation based on TOR before 13th May, 2024 through


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