Call for Work at Mbeya City Council

Call for Work at Mbeya City Council

Call for Work at Mbeya City Council

Mbeya City Council is one among the seven (7) Councils in Mbeya Region, others being Chunya, Mbarali, Kyela, Rungwe, Busokel and Mbeya District. It has both the highway Tanzania- Zambia road (TANZAM) and the railway line Tanzania – Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) linking Tanzania to Southern African countries, which passes through the City making it one of the famous and important entry and exit points in the country. The City has also additional functions as the District and Region Head Quarters. Moreover the availability of infrastructure in the City, labour supply, land, reliable water supply and electricity, air port, Good Governance and markets create good environment for investments both Local and Foreign.

According to the 2012 National Census, Mbeya City Council had a total population of 385,279 in habitants, out of which 182,620 (47%) are male and 202,659(53%) are female. The city population growth rate is 4% compared to the national average of 2.7%. With the population growth rate of 4% we have about 400,690 people by projection of 2014, whereby male are 189,925 and women are 210,765.

Geographical Locations

Mbeya City lies between latitude 80 50` – 80 57` South of Equator and Longitude 330 30` – 350 35` East of Greenwich. The City is almost surrounded by Mbeya District in all directions.

Topography and Drainage

Mbeya City is situated at an elevated land and spreads along the slopes of two mountain ranges, namely Mbeya and Mporoto, at an altitude rising from 1,600 to 2,400 meters above sea level.

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Mbeya City has a mean annual rainfall of 1,200mm (November –May) while the mean annual temperature is 250C ranging from a mean minimum of 11C and a mean maximum of 28C. The City is generally considered a highland characterized by moderate climate and sufficient rainfall.

Mbeya City covers a total area of 222 sq. km. 46.4% of this area is under agriculture and 53.6% is used for other uses, which include settlements, forestry, valleys and mountain ranges.

Call for Work at Mbeya City Council – March 2022 , Please read the official announcement with the names called on the PDF file below :-

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