The Best Cover Letter Format Applicable for any Job Application

The Best Cover Letter Format Applicable for any Job Application

Welcome to our short but detailed article on the Best Cover Letter Format Applicable for any Job Application, whereby we breakdown the Job Application letter into the sections below.


Your cover should always open with a standard Greeting, for instance Dear Sir or Madam or Dear Mr Albert or Dear Miss Jones if you know the names of the Hiring Manager. Do not vaguely address it to ” Whom it may Concern”

Reason for Writing
It is important to immediately state the purpose of your letter without beating about the bush, use lines such as :

The purpose of my letter is to convey my interest in the position of…

I’m writing in response to your advertisement for…

I’d like to apply for the position of…

I’m writing to see if there are any positions available…

A brief introduction

Use this section to give an idea of who you are to the hiring manager, the following line are applicable for accomplishing this :-

lam is currently employed as a… / lam is currently pursuing … studies.

At the moment, I’m employed at xxx company, where I’m in charge of ..

I’ve been in my current position for the previous xxx years (time).

Discuss your Education and Work Experience

Here mention the work and education experience that is relevant to the Job that you are applying to, you may also highlight the languages that your are conversant with , where this is advantageous.

I earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in from XYZ University…

My academic background has prepared me well for a role like this.
My CV shows that I have worked… and obtained the relevant experience…

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My native language is Swahili, and I am also proficient in English and French.

Describe why are you the greatest candidate for this job

Here use the space to best describe your best qualities that you will bring to the job and make you mention the keywords that were included in the respective job description.

I trust that I am qualified for this position since I have extensive experience in…

I believe myself to be a pleasant, productive, and passionate employee.

I believe I would be an excellent candidate since I am eager to work for a forward-thinking organization like yours.

Closing Remarks

Use the following lines to close well your cover letter .

Thank you for your consideration of my submission.
At any time, l am readily available for contact and/or interview.

If you need to reach me, please dial +254 764 090…

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any additional information.
Attached (emails) / contained is my CV (letters).

Signing Off

I’d like to express my eagerness to hear from you.

Your Sincerely, (if you are familiar with the name ‘Dear Mr. Albert’)

Yours Faithfully ( if you are addressing to ‘Dear Sir or Madam’)

We hope that you picked up some useful tips on the Best Cover Letter Format Applicable for any Job Application, that you will be using in making your next Job Application. You are welcome to check out more article on our website as well.

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