Important things to do after getting that Job Interview Call at Last

Important things to do after getting that Job Interview Call at Last

On this article we cover the important things to do after getting that Job Interview call at Last, this should guide and help you prepare well for your next interview, you may have been applying for jobs for a long time without getting any feedback, so getting that Interview call is a certainly a golden chance for you and hence its very important for you to do to all you can to shine through the interview and outshine the other interviewees.

Recruiters and recruiting managers conduct daily interviews. Lack of preparation is readily apparent, especially to seasoned interviewers.

Therefore, always do the following :

  1. Do extensive research on the role.
  2. Google the company: Look up their website, LinkedIn page, and other social media accounts.
  3. Go to LinkedIn and look up the interviewer — don’t stalk them, but it’s always helpful to know who you’re speaking with. You’ll get bonus points if you discover items you have in common, You can use them to break the ice before the interview or during it.
  1. Examine the job description in detail:
    Examine all of the requirements and how you plan to meet them.
    Remember, it’s fine if you don’t meet all of the standards.
    Maintain an optimistic attitude!
    If they don’t think you’re a good fit, they won’t call you in for an interview.
  2. Be ready to answer all of the basic questions:
    “What are your expectations?” “How would your friends / colleagues describe you?” “Why do you wish to work here?” “Why are you interested in this role?” “What are your expectations?” “Tell me about yourself.”

6. Ensure that your arrive on the interview venue well on time.
Arriving late demonstrates not just a lack of time management skills, but also a lack of respect for the interviewer and the Organization/ Company.
Arrive at least 10 minutes early for the interview, Use that opportunity to observe company / organization workers. Some breathing or meditating techniques may be beneficial if you are nervous.

Things do, however happen from time to time, so in-case something happen and you are delayed due to traffic jams or a meeting, contact the interviewer as soon as possible to let them know you will be late. This is among the most important things to do after getting that Job Interview call.

7. Nowadays especially after the pandemic, may companies conduct virtual / online interviews, so incase your called for such an interview , Remember that for virtual, online interviews, the same criteria apply.
Pay close attention to the following points:
– Select a peaceful, well-lit location with a neutral backdrop.
– Before you use the technology, be sure it works.
– Apps, plugins, camera, microphone, and internet connection are all required.
– Avoid distracting yourself as much as possible, Close any tabs that aren’t needed on your web browser.
– Activate the silent mode on your phone.
– Put on a smart outfit ,avoid to look rough and unprepared.
– Join the online meeting a few minutes early.
– Maintain eye contact, nod, and smile to avoid showing the nerves too much.

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8. Be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion. There are only a few simple principles to follow here: don’t dress too casually or too formally.
The style of the company should be reflected in your attire. Make sure you’re well-groomed.
It demonstrates to the interviewer that you are making an effort and that the job and company are important to you.
Keep your focus on your experience, skills, and personality by avoiding distracting clothes.
Think polished and professional when it comes to make-up.
Check the organization’s social media to see if there are any photos or “day in the life” videos if you’re unsure what to dress.
Another approach is to pay a visit to the company and observe personnel coming in and out to see what they are wearing.

9. Be Attentive and interested
According to Glassdoor research, the average job opening receives 250 resumes.
The interviewers do not want to waste any time with an applicant who appears disinterested.
They aren’t interested in employing you if you aren’t fully involved in the talk.
Avoid all distractions, fiddling around on your smart phone is a big No. Calm your mind before the interview, having had done your timely preparations, This will assist you in remaining focused.
Maintain eye contact and ask follow-up questions to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework.
Questions to the interviewer that can be answered with a Google search should be avoided.

10. Maintain a positive Body Language.
Take a peek in the mirror, put your best face forward, and leave.

Maintain a respectful tone of voice, pay attention, and refrain from interrupting.

Make eye contact with your interviewer as well as any other employees you may encounter.

Keep your palms facing up and try not to clench your fists when using your hands.

Maintain proper posture at all times and avoid touching your face to prevent appearing dishonest.

11. Turn your Phone Off and Put it Away.

This is going to be a quick one. Before the interview, turn off your phone.

During the interview, texting or calling – who does that, you might wonder – is impolite and informs the interviewer that they are not your top priority.
Even if it’s turned off, don’t put your phone on the table. Before you enter the interview room, put it in your bag or pocket so you can fully concentrate on the moment that could lead to your dream job.

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12. Avoid Trash Talking

You have no idea who the interviewer knows because it’s a tiny world.
You don’t want to be upset with your boss just to discover that he is buddies with your interviewer.
You also don’t want the interviewer to suspect that if you leave the organization, you’ll be badmouthing them.

You want the employer to know that you work well with others and handle problems professionally and maturely.

Avoid falling into the trap of trash talking, no matter how complex the questions you’re asked are.

13. Be Detailed but to the Point

The interviewer doesn’t need to know your whole life story. Keep your answers to-the-point and don’t ramble. Don’t start talking about your personal life, no matter how welcoming your interviewer may be. Keep the interview as professional as possible.

On the other hand, it is really hard to interview someone that responds with one or two words. Be responsive and avoid answering questions with only a yes / no.

14. Avoid Lying

Telling the whole truth might cost you the job, but lying will come back to haunt you. So it is best to be honest and Truthful in your answers. Always prepare well enough so that you dont have to lie , this is among the most important things to do after getting that Job Interview call.

15. The Salary Question

Expect to be asked the how much do you expect to be paid question .
How to respond: Offer them a complete remuneration package (salary and other benefits).
You may give a range rather than a precise quantity.
Are you stumped as to what to ask for? then best thing is to do your homework and research how much the role usual pays in companies within your country.


Before you leave the interview, make sure you ask about the following steps and the interviewers’ contact information.
A thank-you note should be sent the same day or the next day following the interview.

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