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Interventional Cardiologist Job Vacancy at NSK Hospitals Ltd

NSK Hospitals Limited (NSKHL) is one of the finest medical facilities in Arusha, Tanzania with a mission to revolutionize healthcare by the help of cuttingedge technology and exceptionally well-trained staff. The medical center hosts multiple departments, including state-of-the-art pathology laboratories, well stocked pharmacy and consulting clinics to help patients get access to the best possible doctors in the region.

NSKHL is a for-profit medical facility but at the heart of it, gives utmost importance to the well-being of its patients by providing excellent care and affordable diagnostic services. The aim is to shift the paradigm towards employing better prevention strategies and to help create a strong partner network to reinforce improved healthcare standards for their patients in Tanzania and in the greater central Africa region

Contact Details:-

NSK Hospitals Ltd,

27 Unga Ltd Area,

P.O.Box 3114 Arusha


Phone: +255 626 221 331

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