Jobs in Kigoma, Tanzania

Jobs in Kigoma, Tanzania

Previewing Jobs in Kigoma.Tanzania has thirty-one administrative regions, including the Kigoma Region (Mkoa wa Kigoma in Swahili). Kigoma is the capital city of the area. Kigoma Region shares borders with the DRC, Burundi, Katavi, Geita, Katgera, and Tabora regions. The region had a population of 2,127,930 as of the 2012 national census, which was more than the 1,971,332 pre-census estimate.The region’s average annual population growth rate from 2002 to 2012 was 2.4%, which tied it for the fifteenth highest pace in the At 57 persons per square kilometer, it was likewise the sixteenth most densely populated area.: page 6 The territory is somewhat smaller than Estonia, which has 45,227 square kilometers (17,462 sq mi)), at 45,066 square kilometers (17,400 sq mi).

The primary economic activities in Kigoma include trading, SME business with Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, fishing, fish processing, and palm oil extraction. The population is dispersed widely, with a higher concentration near the lake’s edge.

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